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Oh hi!

I am Philippa (although I also respond to many other names such as Phil, Philly, P, the list goes on...), and thank you for visiting Just Philippa, my little blog of ramblings!

I am currently 22, and I live in a little town in Oxfordshire, but I'm originally from the Isle of Wight (I miss you, home/family/cats!). I work a gazillion hours a week in retail, but I do love my job and the people I work with. In my spare time I enjoy writing on my blog about anything and everything that pops into my head, being a massive bookworm, watching trash tv (TOWIE, Geordie, MIC etc.) and some programming that is a tad more intellectual (Horizon and Dispatches are my faves).

I would love if you gave me some feedback on my blog and, if you like it, a follow would be lovely (my links are on the right hand side)! I promise you won't regret it (if reading about al-sorts is your sort of thing)!

I hope to hear from you,

Philippa x

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