Sunday, 19 April 2015

An Unintentionally Summery Haul

Yet again, I am disgusted with myself in the sense that I have been M.I.A on my blog recently. I have a new job and away in Torquay training for six weeks, which means my brain hurts lots, and when I get back from training all I want to do is get dinner then go to bed. Currently back for the weekend which means blogging time, wahoo!

I'm just going to do a little bit of a mini favourites/haul as I have accumulated a few things that I love over the last month or so that I feel I must share with you all.

Now this first thing was a gift from my two best pals when I left Tesco, and I am absolutely in love with it! It's full of photos of us (and LB - the best puppy ever) and others in this beautiful multi-frame frame. I believe this is from Next, where they do the most lovely home d├ęcor, I would very much like to own everything they sell I think.

Sticking with a Next theme, I popped in last week and picked up this little bag. Now it is described as a make-up bag, but it is far too small to fit my whole face in! It's in a sort of neoprene fabric, with a large sturdy plastic zip, which makes me think that this is the perfect little bag for heading down to the beach and using as a little handy holiday bag. It's just the right size for some money, phone, a few items of make up, all the essentials! It has two sides to the fabric, one is pure white with 'BE HAPPY' etched onto the front in 3D text which I LOVE because it makes it even more into a holiday bag, as lets face it, what makes you happier than a holiday?! The other side is striped with a perfect pink colour. I believe this was between £10-£12, bargain!

I picked this next item up on the same day from Accessorize for about £8. I adore this phone case so much (apart from when the sun shines on the gold and glares me in the eyes). It's by a company called Skinny Dip who do the best phone/tablet cases ever. You can find them on ASOS as well but there's a Donut iPhone case with GOOGLY eyes that I need so bad! Anyway this is super cute with little gold pineapples all over it and it goes well with my gold iPhone!

Next up is my new favourite shampoo, I Love Juicy by Lush Cosmetics. I have really wanted to try and get into using more natural shampoo's and conditioners on my hair as I know a lot of the high street and supermarket stock have chemicals in that make your hair look great on the outside, but it's just for show and isn't great for your hair. I Love Juicy is super hydrating for your hair, giving it a deep cleanse. With ingredients such as pineapple, kiwi, mango and papaya, it smells amazing and the enzymes within these fruits contains oils that are great for the scalp and hair. The next one I want to try is Honey I Washed My Hair, the shampoo bar!

Sticking with hair care, my next product is a repurchase that I just need to tell you guys about as I think it will change your lives like it did mine. Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Beauty Balm was my absolute hair saviour. When I first used this products I had very long, split ended hair. Using this product after every time I washed my hair, then drying it, left my hair feeling and looking so much healthier! I don't really know much about this product but it's brilliant! Also very good for when you go on holiday after you wash your hair as it rehydrates the ends and leaves it less frizzy and damaged.

Now, who still buys those amazing sweets called Fruit Salad's? I think they are by Barratt's? They are probably my favourite sweetie ever. They were always at some sort of tuck shop and you'd always have that one friend that preferred a Blackjack (weirdo). Anyway, still completely on topic, Imperial Leather have created a line of 'Classic Flavours' in their shower creams and they are good enough to eat! I picked up Mouth-Watering Fruit Salad and Comforting Marshmallow, however I did also spot a Sherbet Lemon one and a Spearmint one also. They're currently only 85p in Tesco, so go have a sniff and tell me which is your favourite!

Last but by no means least is my newest addition to my ever growing MAC Lipstick collection. This time, I picked up Vegas Volt and ohhhhh lordy, it is beautiful. With an amplified finish, it's super bright and stays on all day and all night! I team it with MAC's lip pencil in 'Lasting Sensation' to make sure it stays on all day (which is always does anyway). Where I have quite rosy lips anyway, it comes out pretty orangey/coral/more orangey on my lips and it's making me want to go more daring for the Summer!

This turned pretty Summery but hope you enjoyed it either way and as you can probably tell, I'm ready for the sun!

Philippa x


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