Thursday, 12 March 2015

MAC Attack - My Top 13 MAC Lipsticks!

Hello there! I'm probably a stranger to you now, so I'll reintroduce myself; I'm Philippa! I have no idea where I have been but it has been nowhere near my blog, and I have neglected it to no end which makes me sad, not to mention the amount of #chats I have missed on Twitter...eeek!

So I'm coming back with a vengeance with a few of my favourite MAC Cosmetics lipsticks! Now my pals think that it is a bit of a disgrace how much my lipstick collection is worth when you add the amount that they cost together (I'm verging on the 30 mark and I have no shame)!

I have picked my favourite thirteen to share with you. I know thirteen is a weird amount but I could not limit it down any further, it was hard enough choosing 13! Hopefully you will enjoy this post and maybe you will maybe find your new favourite from my favourites!

Up The Amp
I got this lipstick in Duty Free when I was on my way to Egypt last year and I wore it every night of our trip! It's quite daring in the bullet and on the skin as you can see, but where I have quite dark lips anyway, it came out slightly darker and looked absolutely fabulous!

I have no words for this lipstick. It's long-lasting, not drying at all and is brilliantly pigmented. I usually go for this lip colour if I'm going to a rock gig (a la Steel Panther if you are following me on instagram) or feeling a bit more sexy and confident!

Show Orchid
One word to describe this lipstick...POW! Right in your face, the brightest pinkest lipstick ever. Such a Barbie pink and it is a perfect Summer shade. It is the most fantastic blue-hued pink lip that I think would suit everyone. MAC are very good at creating perfect lips for all, high five!

Toying Around
This was from MAC's Playland Collection. Probably my favourite collection that MAC have done so far, I also have Happy-Go-Lucky and Red Balloon from it and they are absolutely gorgeous also. This is my only coral/orange shaded lipstick and I loooove it so much! It is almost neon when on the lips and it lasts forever without being matte or drying. This is the perfect Summer lip colour and I will be wearing this 24/7 come the sunny weather no doubt!

Syrup was my first ever lipstick I bought from MAC. I wanted an everyday colour that I could wear to work and I'd get my money's worth from also. I definitely got this from Syrup as I use it non-stop. I actually thought I'd lost this lipstick before this post and I am soo happy I found it, not that there was much left in the bullet!

Pure Heroine
I believe this was the Lorde version of 'Heroine', with it being quite a lot darker than the original. I prefer this version than the other, plus where I have 'Up The Amp' if I layer it with the right lip pencil I can achieve the same sort of finish as Heroine. Anyway! This is similar to Rebel for me in the sense that I wear it on a certain occasion and when I have it on I feel one sassy lady!

Speed Dial
Speed Dial, ahh my favourite cute pink. It is the perfect pastel-y pink, and is usually my go-to lipstick for work. I never thought this would work well on my lips because they are so naturally dark but the pigmentation is great, plus it has definitely got little bits of golden shimmer in there too, no-one can resist a little bit of sparkle!

Now this was my most random buy. I have a list on my notes on my iPhone of all the MAC lipsticks I've spotted and need to buy (does anyone else do this?! I can't be alone in doing this!) and this one was not on the list. I was on the hunt for Velvet Teddy or Brave because I wanted to try out the Kylie Jenner lip. The lady in House of Fraser was so helpful and despite being sold out of both of those lipsticks, she suggested Yash, which is a matte finish and lasts forever and ever! I wore this to the #nyldnmeet in January and it lasted hours before I needed to top it up. I usually wear this with a MAC lip pencil in Beurre or Nice n Spicy.

Riri Woo
I got on the Rihanna lipstick bandwagon (even though the one I really wanted was the Rihanna Hearts MAC Nude shade) not just because I liked the shiny gold packaging, but because I was after a blue-toned red lipstick. When I first got this I really didn't think I'd like it, but after a few swatches on different days (good days, bad days, girls you hear me) I loved it. You need to be super super careful applying this though, because one bad move and BAM. That is not coming off your face.

Pink Poodle
Pink Poodle is one of the lipsticks that MAC brought back in their By Request collection. This is where MAC asked their customers to decide which lipsticks and eyeshadows to bring back. It has a cool undertone, with slight specks of glitter and a blue hue. It's very hard to describe the colour of it, but it's quite bright but without being too bright? If you manage to see it in person (or google it) you'll see what I mean. Very similar to Show Orchid but Pink Poodle is slightly more muted.

Viva Glam Miley
My most recent lipstick to the collection and this is simply gorgeous! Not only does money from the selling of this lipstick go to a fantastic charitable cause, the colour, finish and texture of this lipstick are brilliant. Instantly fell in love! Plus the lipglass is so so glittery and beautiful too.

This is now my go-to every day (non-workplace) lipstick. It's plummy, but not too plummy if that makes sense? I'd say this was the best lipstick to try if you want to try something darker and you don't want to go straight into a lipstick like Rebel or Diva.

This limited edition Rocky Horror Picture Show lippie I could not resist, and I'm so glad I didn't! The colour of this is absolutely stunning on the lip. It's a proper blood red colour and, even though it is matte, it applies like a dream! 

Can you tell I'm a sucker for anything Limited Edition?! Haha, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, are any of these your favourites too? Which ones should I check out next and add to my list?

Philippa xx