Thursday, 5 February 2015

January Favourites

Welcome! I’m so so sorry I haven’t posted in forever! I’ve been the busiest little bee in the entire world! Now I’m just going to jump right in and post my first ever favourites! I’m super excited to write this post, and I’m sure I’m a little late but I wanted to tell you all about my favourite things from the month of January!

NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

Now I feel this has been blogged and blogged about, which is why I didn’t want to write a review when I got it, plus all the reviews I have read seem to say the same thing about it, the fact that it is brilliant!

This was my first NARS product purchase and it has definitely convinced me to buy more. The pigmentation on these cheek products is excellent, in the fact that it doesn’t come out too heavy, but doesn’t come out too light. It was brilliant value for money, with it retailing at £45 and general NARS cheek products ranging from about £22-£28 you get an absolute steal.

I did get this before Christmas but I have not stopped using it since I’ve got it! The Laguna bronzer is a product I had been lusting after for a very long time, and for good reason as it is the perfect shade. I think my favourite blush of the palette has to be Final Cut. The limited-edition coral blush is absolutely lovely on the skin and I know I will definitely be using it in moderation so I (hopefully) never run out. I have to say I haven’t really used Miss Liberty, the highlight shade due to the level of glitter. I did use in on New Years’ Eve and it did look great but it is definitely an evening wear, rather than during the day.

MAC Lipstick in Yash & Lip Pencil in Nice ‘N Spicy

This is now my go-to lip combination. I must say I got these nearer the end of January but have not worn a different look ever since! I am usually a pink or red lip colour picker but I popped into the Mac department in my local House of Fraser, I picked out the Nice ‘N Spicy Lip Pencil first, and a lovely Mac lady came along and picked out Yash to go with it and I never ever thought this nude would work on my lips.

I naturally have quite dark lips, and I thought it would look awful to mute them out with a nude, and I was surprised Yash actually covered them. It’s a lustre finish to it comes out really smoothly and covered my lips brilliantly.  

I use the lip pencil to outline my lips a little over the natural line and pop the lipstick over the top and it did last longer on my lips than I thought it would. I wore this combination to the #nyLDNmeet blogger meet-up and only had to top it up twice on the whole day!

Killer Queen by Katy Perry

Now as you may or may not know, Katy Perry is my QUEEN! I love her style, personality and if I could swap who I was for the day, it would definitely be her. I bought this HUGE 100ml bottle in Duty-Free for an absolute bargain (I can’t remember exactly how much but I think it was around the £20-30 mark). The scent of this perfume is beautiful, definitely smells a lot more like a high-end perfume, rather than a celebrity one. I usually find celebrity perfumes to be either sickly sweet, really spicy or just scented like a vanilla candle.

Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara

This is my new go-to mascara, as you can see by my lash before and after picture, it completely reinvents them! The carbon black pigment makes them extra black and thick. It gives just the right amount of length as well as volume without the clump. I have always had a great experience with MAC mascara, as I previously owned the False Lashes and Extended Play which are both also brilliant mascaras and they all completely top any other mascara I have used. I would highly recommend MAC mascaras to anyone, whether you are looking for length or volume, there is something in there.


So after buying my mum some beautiful Pandora beads over the past few months, I decided to dig out my Trollbeads bracelet. It's a very similar concept, and they were both founded in Copenhagen (Trollbeads was started in 1976, Pandora founded in 1982), however all of the beads of Trollbeads are completely handmade, which makes every bead unique. 

I am so glad I dug out the bracelet as I forgot how sweet it was. I bought a new bead this month, which is the starfish, and have ticked off all the beads in brochure I want to purchase, or be gifted as they make perfect birthday or Christmas presents!

I'd love to read your January Favourites, link yours below!

Philippa x


  1. I am so tempted by that Mac mascara - I'm currently wearing Benefit They're Real which I really like whilst it's on... but it's so difficult to get off again! (They do an eyemakeup remover for it but I don't want to have to buy a certain brand - I like my own!). Your lashes look fab! xo

    1. I found that with They're Real! I always used to second think wearing it because of taking it off! If you're after a similar finish to They're Real, I'd got for the Extended Play Gigablack by MAC. Long lasting and gives a lot of length and definition! :-)
      Philippa xx