Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Single Girls' Thoughts on Valentines Day.

Okay, so I can't help the fact that I look like a potato and need to lose weight, but shoving the fact that I most definitely have no-one to buy me that huge novelty teddy bear or that yummy looking box of Guylian Caramels is not fair. 

Working in retail means that Valentines Day has been launched since the middle of January. As soon as Christmas was out of the way, we were taking away Christmas cards, and throwing out Valentines Day cards. Listening to 'romantic' music when I walk into the shop every day makes me need to go home sick with Valentines vomming.

It's just another way for retailers to make money out of something that is not really worth it. If you have a significant other in your life, you shouldn't be waiting for this day to buy them a 'random' special present. Be more spontaneous. Do it on a day which has no relevance as it will make so much more of an impact!

If I was in a relationship I definitely would not want any of the mushy lovey-dovey stuff. Definitely wouldn't want to be treated to some fancy food in a fancy restaurant and then smothered with gifts. Not down my street at all....end sarcasm!

In all honesty, as much as it would be lovely to have a nice guy to snuggle up to, I like being single. It saves me money! I can spend more time with my girlfriends laughing at failing attempts of guys in the bars trying to 'charm' girls!

This picture however does sum up what I'll probably be doing this year, haha!

What are you getting up to this VDay?

Philippa x



  1. You do not look like a potato, you're a beaut!! And if you want to sing Adele songs to your cat, well then he's a lucky feline!! Hope you manage to survive the day unscathed xx