Friday, 2 January 2015

How did we live without...

So I had a thought today about how advanced everything is nowadays, technology, communication and the like. I find it so amazing how far we have come over the years, like when you watch older movies and they expect us to have lots of gadgets that we don't have (Back to the Future expected us to have Hoverboards) but there are certain bits and bobs that I wonder how we would deal without them! 

- Telephones & text messages
Can you imagine having to get into contact with people only by post or face to face? Obviously we still do these things but imagine you found out some amazing gossip and you had to write it in a letter and post it to your best pal?! Or if there was a family emergency and you couldn't contact straight away? I suppose back in the day families tended to live quite close to each other but if no one invented the phone or text...can you IMAGINE?!

- Internet shopping
I know it's sort of a luxury and we are very lucky to have so much at our fingertips but can you remember back to when it wasn't such a big thing and you had to carry round loads of bags from the shops and try and find your size when there's so many people around. I mean, it's sad to think that high street shops are a dying breed but it is such a convenience with busy lives, which most of us have nowadays! The one thing that I hate about the high street dying out is I don't want the charity shops to die out, they are excellent for a bargain and a great cause!

- Google
Now, I'm a bit of a Google fiend, if someone asks a question and no one knows the answer, I am the first on Google to find it out! How would we find reviews for things we may want to buy? And how would we know all the useless facts we find out? The world is my oyster with Google. Try and go a day without using it, when you're at work or school, you will find it harder than you think!

Are there any things you can think of that you can't imagine being without? 

Philippa x


  1. it's weird to think how different our lives would be without this technology! i do agree it's sad that high street shops are dying though, the charity shops are always for a great cause :)

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  2. Such a great post. I think it is weird that we would be in a different place if it wasn't for technology x