Thursday, 8 January 2015

The British Tag

Great British Bake Off. The Beatles. Countryside. A few of my favourite British things! I felt it only appropriate to do this tag, you know, being British and all. So pop your feet up, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?
Tea is great, I just want to say that now. On a normal day I will probably have 5 or 6 cups I think. I'll have one sugar (or sweetener if its available) and green milk!

Favourite part of the roast?
This is the toughest question ever! I love parsnips and roast potatoes and I am salivating at the thought! I think I will have to go with the yorkshire pudding being my favourite bit. I have it with all meats but grab a bit of yorkie pud with a bit of beef and slathered in gravy, it's the most brilliant taste sentation!

Favourite dunking biscuit?
It has got to be chocolate caramel digestive! Best biscuit hands down let alone just for dunking, yum!

Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
I must say, I love a good ramble. To save you googling if you do not know what this term is, rambling is basically just walking! I love a good walk through the countryside, especially when I'm home on the Isle of Wight because it is the most beautiful place!

Favourite British word?
Too many! But off the top of my head, I love the word gander! Or knackered! 

Cockney rhyming slang?
Two and eight is my favourite as it reminds me of my nan and grandad.  It means state, like dont get yourself in a state/don't get into a two and eight!

Favourite British sweet?
Rhubarb and custards, hands down best sweet ever! Delicious! If you're British and never had one of these tasty boiled sweets, go down to Tesco and get a bag asap!

What would your pub be called?
I think I'd call it The Cats Pyjamas. I'd do all-day breakfasts haha!

No 1 British Person?
Michael Caine! You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! Or David Jason. Or Ian McKellen! Can't choose, I'm too indecisive!

Favourite shop/restaurant?
I love good old pub grub, there's a place on the Isle of Wight called The Wight Mouse and I always make sure we go when I'm back home. If you want a chain, I'd probably say Nando's or Harvester. For shops, probably Boots or Debenhams (did you know Debenhams only sell British designers stuff, clothes wise?)

What's the first British song that comes into your head?
Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles. The best band to come out of the UK, ever.

Marmite - love or hate?
Hate, hate, hate! The smells is enough to put me off, blergh!

Philippa x

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


After reading and watching news story after news story about the horrific attack in Paris, I wanted to write a little post.  

Firstly, my most sincere condolences to all the families and friends of this victims in the attack. I cannot even begin to fathom what you are feeling. But just so you know, I feel proud of them for their free speech,  and how they have encouraged other's to speak freely also, without living in fear from those who organised this crime.  

It's amazing to see the support, love and general humanity of the French,  British, and around the world after this. Coming together to tell these people that you have just brought us all closer together. We are united in our causes and emotions about this event.
I think one of my biggest angers about this attack is that it was an attack on freedom of speech. I read an article on the BBC News app and one of the comments that was published was this:

'...Fraternity,  Equality and most of all, Liberty. Where freedom of speech is an alien concept there can only be tyranny. ' - Meryl Cumins.

I just find it disgusting that in 2015, our freedom of speech is being attacked, still!

'...Freedom of speech means what it says. It includes the right to be scurrilous and silly but it must remain...' - Roger Collinge.

I think where freedom of speech is involved, this is still an issue not just amongst this attack, this has just brought to light how ridiculously unnecessary this disaster was and the reaction from our countries should show that we are not afraid. Our freedom of speech is still here and here to stay. I think some people should take note of this event and look at themselves. If this happened every time someone spoke of how they felt, the world would be a tougher place. 

Also, just a little add, I love that the retaliation of the French (from what I have seen) is peaceful but gives the strongest message. They have just come together as a huge community and given a message that I don't think will go unnoticed.

Philippa x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 - The year of yes...and no?!

It may be the year of the sheep in the Chinese zodiac, but for me it is also the year of yes (and a teeny tiny bit of no).

It seems like the 'new year, new me' motto is a bit overdone nowadays, so I've got a better one; 'new year, better me'. Why would you want to be completely new?! I wouldn't. 

Better yourself. Do something you have never done before but have always wanted to, or shock someone by being a better version of yourself, maybe lend a hand more at work if you can, and get a thanks out of someone. A thank you is a brilliant booster, the person you have helped is grateful and that will make you feel brilliant and full of self-worth! 

We do this exercise at work where we get feedback off of our colleagues and then relay it back to the relevant person. Maybe get some friends or work mates to do this for you and make your aim for the year to turn around any weaknesses that people may thing you have. 

The year of yes part is that I want to say yes to more things outside of work. I'm a teeny tiny bit of a workaholic but I want to get out more! Go to more blogger events, days out, dates even, who knows!

The few things I want to say no to are work related. Less doing favours for others and concentrate on my department. Also, less working 6 days a week, take both my days off to make some me time!

Is there anything you want to better yourself with this year?



Sunday, 4 January 2015

The stages of a hangover

So, you're on top form, dancing on form, a delicious cocktail in hand, making subtle eye contact with the beautiful man across the bar, and you never want to leave home, but it has to happen. You go to bed, and it's wake up time...

Now this can happen different ways. Sometimes you can wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, and the hangover doesn't hit until later in the day (these are the worst, the delayed hangover). Most of the time you will wake up feeling awful. Step one, do not move your head, and do not sit up, whatever you do. It will feel like your brain is going to pop out of your skull. The best thing to do at this stage is to just grab your phone and see what embarrassing photos were taken or texts were sent. You feel bad, so surely you can't feel any worse is my mantra when looking at my phone. 

Depending on whether you are at home alone, or with some pals, it is time for the mcdonalds run. Yes, you may have only devoured a kebab and cheesy chips about 5 hours ago but I promise you, nothing tastes better than a double cheeseburger and chicken nuggets on the morning of a hangover. 

Let's just quickly step back to the delayed hangover. You'll be feeling great, just hunky dory! Wait until the 3pm dip, you won't know what hit you (well, you will, it's your delayed hangover). You'll be going about your usually business then BAM! It all goes down hill. 

So Mcdonalds run, this is when you wish McDelivery was a thing (come on they've got to do this soon!), cause you may have to go get the food. Anyway, when the food is home, this will be eaten either on the sofa or if it is that bleak, back in bed. Usually by this point, you may have to check facebook to make sure you haven't been tagged in any monstrosities. 

After these few hours of being awake, it's time for a nap. I say a nap, I mean a good 5 hour sleep. By the time you wake up, it's time for another meal, so hello Dominoes! Does anyone else's stomach seem to expand enormously when they're hungover?!

So, for the delayed hangover, it is now 3pm. It's that time where you're head has been a little bit hazy all day but now, it is here and you feel horrific. Any smell, you want to be sick. Mention of drink, you want to be sick. The thought of food, you want to be sick. You get the idea. The hangover usually lasts until the next morning also, which is always unfortunate!

I never know whether I prefer the delayed hangover or the all day one. You get more food on a normal hangover, and feel not too bad after the nap, that's the best bit. I suppose the best solution to avoid this is to not drink too much! Easiest way, haha!

What do you do to cope with your hangovers? 

Philippa x

Friday, 2 January 2015

How did we live without...

So I had a thought today about how advanced everything is nowadays, technology, communication and the like. I find it so amazing how far we have come over the years, like when you watch older movies and they expect us to have lots of gadgets that we don't have (Back to the Future expected us to have Hoverboards) but there are certain bits and bobs that I wonder how we would deal without them! 

- Telephones & text messages
Can you imagine having to get into contact with people only by post or face to face? Obviously we still do these things but imagine you found out some amazing gossip and you had to write it in a letter and post it to your best pal?! Or if there was a family emergency and you couldn't contact straight away? I suppose back in the day families tended to live quite close to each other but if no one invented the phone or text...can you IMAGINE?!

- Internet shopping
I know it's sort of a luxury and we are very lucky to have so much at our fingertips but can you remember back to when it wasn't such a big thing and you had to carry round loads of bags from the shops and try and find your size when there's so many people around. I mean, it's sad to think that high street shops are a dying breed but it is such a convenience with busy lives, which most of us have nowadays! The one thing that I hate about the high street dying out is I don't want the charity shops to die out, they are excellent for a bargain and a great cause!

- Google
Now, I'm a bit of a Google fiend, if someone asks a question and no one knows the answer, I am the first on Google to find it out! How would we find reviews for things we may want to buy? And how would we know all the useless facts we find out? The world is my oyster with Google. Try and go a day without using it, when you're at work or school, you will find it harder than you think!

Are there any things you can think of that you can't imagine being without? 

Philippa x