Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 9 - The biggest cornflake cake fail!

So for this blogmas post I thought 'hey, why not try to make some white chocolate cornflake cakes? With a Wintery theme!', now, what was a great idea if it had worked, turned out as a bit of a fail!

They ended up like this, the only Wintery aspect to these cakes being the glitter and snowflakes I bought for decoration...DOH!! The golden syrup and white chocolate did not make the desired colour obviously due to golden syrup being...ahem, golden.

I don't really feel there is anything else to write about these, or even how I did them as it was an epic fail but I feel I need to show you guys that it does not always turn out right first time, and after a super long day at work, I didn't really want to experiment after this fail! So apologies for a bit of a rubbish post today! Embarrassing!

Philippa x


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