Monday, 8 December 2014

Day 8 - A day in the life of Philippa...

So today's post is a photo diary , so I've decided to do a sort of 'Day in the life' sort of thing, so here we go!

My alarms to get me out of bed this morning! Luckily enough I only slept in until the second alarm, which makes quite the change! So got ready and headed to work, it was super cold this morning so had the heated seats on in my car, score!

Skipping the boring fill the shop because night team didn't finish doing it, here was my well deserved breakfast! Work breakfasts are the best as you can have a bit of everything and it still costs less than if I'd have gone for a breakfast at a café, wahoo!

Here's a selfie of me and my work pal on our very festive Christmas hats, spreading Christmas joy around the shop, haha! Having Christmas songs playing over the tannoy all day may annoy some but I love a good cheesy Christmas song! 

Coffee break! Here's a picture of my amaaaazingly yummy Christmas coffee from Giraffe, they are oh so yummy and if you have a Giraffee restaurant near you, go try one! My work pals and I are pretty much regulars in here (there's no pretty much, we definitely are) and always make time for a cheeky G.

As the day went on, I clearly decided it was time for some treats! Just to make you aware these weren't all for me!! I gave my workmates some before trooping on through. My delivery turned up so I decided to unpack it and set it up for my night team.

This is the time I got home!! A very long day but it's worth it and very much needed when getting this close to Christmas, can you believe it's two weeks on Thursday until Christmas?! It really has crept up this year, mental! 

Here's my last picture of the day, with some left over M&M's and the Royal Variety Performance, feet up and in my favourite festival Reindeer onesie (that I not so secretly wear all year round)! 

If you have done this post link me below! I'm sure you'll have a more interesting day than I have! 

Philippa x

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  1. Wow what a long day but it is good to see you spreading the Christmas cheer! xx