Sunday, 7 December 2014

Day 6 - Cosy Winter Nights!

I'm behind again...already! I tell you, working 45+ hours a week in retail over the Christmas period whilst trying to keep up with daily blogging is quite difficult, but I'm trying so bare with me!

This blog post is about what I like to do on cosy Winter nights, and it is actually what I did this evening! I got out of work at about half six and thought that I could write this blog post on my cosy Winter evening this very eve!

So first, I like to light some candles and make myself a hot drink to take into the bath with me. My candle of choice tonight was my all time favourite, Macintosh Spice by Yankee Candle. It is possibly the most Autumnally/Wintery scent ever, with lots of spicy cinnamon-y hints within it, yum! I made myself a hot Ribena in my best mug (I like cats, a lot), and ran my bath.

I then started to run my bath and crumbled in my Lush Christmas Hedgehog (he lost his nose in transit) and I felt mean crumbling his little face into my bath but I used all of him and he bubbled up my bath like no-one's business! I didn't really gather a huge scent from this product but, as always with any Lush product, it left me feeling super soft and squeaky clean afterwards!

Then I jumped in the bath (not literally), slapped on a chocolatey face mask, which was very hard not to eat as it smelt amazing, and relaxed. 

I watched a few Vlogmas videos on YouTube whilst laying in the bath and I love to do that routine to de-stress me from a hectic week, absolute bliss!

What do you like to do to relax yourself into a cosy Winter night? What Lush products would you suggest to help me relax? I'd love to know!

Philippa x


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