Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 4 - Decorations!

I'm a day late, ahh! Had a stupidly hectic and busy day yesterday and I had not pre-written this post unfortunately so here we go! I love a bit of glitz and glam, and not just at Christmas! When I get my own place it will be adorned with all sorts, themed rooms, vintage-y decor is probably my favourite. Here are some of my favourite Christmas decorations for the home I've found this year.

I absolutely adore Next's home furnishing all year round, let alone at Christmas! Their decor always brings me comfort, maybe because it reminds me of home, I'm not sure but it is always so beautifully done, big props too their marketing team for making me want to buy it all! I am in love with this beautiful card holder, you can use it for more than just cards and for more than just Christmas. It's like an alternative notice board, I really love it. I also think this pair of deers are really sweet as well, with a gorgeous metallic finish I would sit them in my house all year round!

                                Next Set of Deer - £20                      Next Lit Card Holder - £25

Tesco Direct have also got some lovely bits and pieces this Christmas, and I love that I can double up my Clubcard vouchers and spend them on these bits! Gisela Graham has a stunning range of glass and wooden decorations on the website and I think they are a lovely alternative to the usual baubles and tree decorations. They'll add a bit of uniqueness around the house, not just on the tree!

There were a couple of other bits that caught my eye on the website that I liked. This 6ft berry garland would look lovely draped over a fire place, or weaved through the staircase with a few lights weaved as well. I also really like this deco tree, adding a bit of modern to the house. These few bits are such a bargain also, when they look like they could be a bit pricey!

                                  Tesco Berry Garland 6ft - £15              Tesco Black and Gold Deco Tree - £4

So there are a few of my favourites from my two favourite homewear shops, what are your favourites and where have you got your decs from?

Philippa x



  1. I loove the next ones! I never think about going to next for my decorations so I will have to check them out. Great picks - I got most of my mine from tesco including my tree which was only 15 pounds x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Next always have such gorgeous stuff, even not at Christmas! I just want to deck out my whole house with their stuff haha. Yes Tesco is good for a more bargainous choice, but it's still nice stuff :) x