Saturday, 27 December 2014

Day 24 - Christmas Traditions

This year, obviously, doesn't go by traditions, as I am working every day from the 18th to the 27th, start playing the Worlds Smallest Violin for me, haha!

So usually, on Christmas Eve, my mum has bought my brother and I some new pyjama's to sleep in before we wake up for Christmas Day!

My absolute favourite thing when I wake up on Christmas morning is either on the end of my bed by my feet, or on the back of the door handle, it feels weighty and it's my stocking! Yes, I'm 22, but it is the best thing and I love how much effort my mum and dad go into it for us, such cherubs!

So then I'd take my stocking and go sit on my parents bed, with the cats and go through my stocking. 

I can't really remember what order the rest goes, think it's presents, then dinner then cheesy Christmas films and naps, haha!

This year shall be different and I'll probably have a little cry on Christmas Day by myself but hey ho, I'm just emotional!

What are you traditions?

Philippa x

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