Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day 18 - Just a little chat about anything that came to my head really!

I'm having a mind blank, I just writing this to try and get my mind into thinking of something to write. It is the hardest thing trying to start a post when in theory, you don't know where to start, so this may turn into a rambling post about anything and everything really!

Today is the first day of my working everyday until the 28th of December, but I am writing this on the 17th, as I know I'm going to be too knackered tomorrow and my mind will be even more blanked! It's a very busy time at work and I know I'm going to smoke 39489082 cigarettes over the next ten days, terrible habit that I am trying to quit (though over Christmas in retail is probably the hardest time to try). 

Just listening to some Jose Vanders. I don't know if any of you have heard of her but I think she sings under the name of Layla now? But yeah, discovered her in 2007 and just rediscovered her and it's the best feeling! Do you ever rediscover music on your iTunes but just popping in on shuffle and seeing what comes up? Happened with My Chemical Romance a few months back and I reincarnated my 12 year old self. I can't believe I was 12, I used to absolutely love them! Posters, every CD, I was even on a MCR Forum, good ol' days ay!

Sometimes when I speak to people and tell them I blog, or post it on Twitter/Instagram, I wonder if they think I'm being egotistical by advertising myself, does that make sense? I feel a bit weird about it but I really enjoy it. Blogmas has been a bit full on, don't get me wrong I have loved writing all the posts about lots of different things but I kind of just like to blog because it gives me a excuse to write, and I miss it.

Well this has been a ramble about nothing in particular, and I highly doubt this will be worth a read but hey ho! I'm going to go do some washing up, a bit of a tidy, have a shower, watch a film then go to bed!

Philippa x


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