Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Day 16 - My favourite blogs to read

Hello again! Today's post is about my favourite bloggers I will get excited about every time I see a new post pop up on their twitter.

Beautycrush is one of my favourite blogs. Sammi has an incredible style, her tattoos are amazing and her little puppydog is adorable too. In all seriousness I pretty much love any London bloggers as it is such an incredible place, with so much to do and see. But yeah, she never has anything that doesn't look brilliant on her, and I love her YouTube channel as well, especially the vlogs!

The sweetest blog. Becky has the most beautiful home from what I have seen through her posts and everything is so cute. Her instagram is brilliant as well, I just love the look of everything, very aesthetically pleasing!

Jasmin's blog is fab. I really enjoy it as there is a lot of variety on there, which means that there is always something new and unique to read. I would love to try some of her recipes but I'm only really good at baking, but her Sweet Potato soup recipe is on the top of my list though!

I love Lauren's blog. I really enjoy her tags and recipes, yet another set of blog recipes I need to try out, haha! She's going through a breast augmentation at the moment and even though I don't want or need one, I find it really interesting and the information she gives is great advice for anyone contemplating an operation.

What are your favourite blogs? Link me yours as I enjoy a new read! :-)

Philippa x


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