Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day 11 - My Winter Essentials!

So today's post is about my Winter essentials, the things the get me through the colder, wetter and windier days of the year. The things that keep me sane over the busy few weeks before Christmas and the things that keep my hair and skin chap and flyaway free!

Burt's Bees Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Lip Balm

I luuuuurve Burt's Bees anyway with it being 100% natural and I love the original one anyway but this one is super super yummy! My lips are very prone to chapping in the Winter time and these lip balms are brilliant for keeping my lips all supple and soft, perfect!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Just reading those words you can smell it can't you?! The yummiest body lotion ever and really leaves you feeling smooth and moisturised on those days where you just need a pamper and a smooth up after the dry skin days.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

My favourite moisturiser through all the seasons! Super lightweight but does an amazing job of keep my skin moisturised and protected throughout the day. I only discovered Benefit skincare a few years ago and it is definitely just as good as the make-up, would highly recommend their eye cream also!

My two pusscats!

Wilson (top) and Moby (bottom) are my two lovely cats that keep my calm and happy when I am back home on the island for Christmas and annual leave. Moby is the cutest little puss as he comes and sleeps on my bed every night that I am at home and scratches at my door when I've gone back up to my second home. Wilson is just a crazy cat and I love his quirky little personality. It is a true fact that cats release stress relieving endorphins so whenever I am home and near them I'm as calm as a millpond!

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Beauty Balm

This is an absolute hair miracle! I use a pump of this on damp hair after washing and then blow dry it and it feels so soft, smooth and really healthy! It doesn't weight the hair down and it doesn't feel like you've put product in your hair, if that makes sense? With some products similar to this it can feel like you've doused your hair in product but with this it is as if it has soaked into the hair folicles.

Lush Shine So Bright Hair Balm

This stuff is a godsend when the wind has decided that it wants you to look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards then given a noogie (who remembers noogies?!). Put a little bit of this balm in your ends and you are good to go, as it's full of oils that are good for the hair to get everything soft, smoothed and toned. Sometimes if my hair is that bad in the Winter I will rub a very small amount onto any flyaways I've got on the top of my head. Don't use too much of this though as it may leave you looking like a little oil/grease monkey!

What are your Winter essentials? Do we have any in common?

Philippa x



  1. The Burts Bees lip balm looks amazing! I'd end up using it all in one day. Lol! x x

    1. Haha! I find myself using it too often, but it's just so good! xx

  2. I've been loving the strawberry lip balm from body shop for dry lips. Really want to try the lush hair balm but I'm awful at putting products in my hair without looking a greasy mess!

    1. Yes, love Body Shop things! Their body butters are amazing too! I used to be the same with the Lush product! It's worth giving a go, I'm sure they would let you test it out in the store, they seem to with everything else aha :) x