Monday, 1 December 2014

Day 1 of Blogmas - My Favourite Things About Christmas!

So this is my first blog post of The Big Blogmas Project! This project has been organised by Coleoftheball that myself and quite a few other bloggers are taking part in over December, and I'm so excited to start (believe it or not, I'm writing this is October)!

So my first blog post of this project is going to be a bit listy! It's going to be my faaaaavey things about Winter/Christmas.

The cold weather! I know that sounds silly and people usually hate the cold but you know when people ask 'Would you rather be too hot or too cold?' I'd always say too cold cause you can just layer up with cosy jumpers and if you're too hot you cannot just take off all your clothes, as that would be a bit weird.

Outside Winter activities. I love that there is so much to do and see over the festive period! I love going into towns and they always have those little German-style (I think?!) Christmas stalls with hot mulled wine and big jugs of beer and hot dogs, I love it! And things like Winter Wonderland which I really want to go to this year as I missed out last year. There's just so many cute things going on and all whilst cheesy Christmas music is blaring out!

Christmas Music!!! I am a big lover of a cheesy Christmas tune. They are just brilliant. I am not a fan of it in like, the middle of November but as soon as December hits, it's an acceptable time to start listening to some Christmassy music. I prefer like, proper traditional Christmas songs, but just gimmie one of those Christmas CD's  and I will be happy.

Family time. Where I live away from my family, it is such a treat going to see them, and when Christmas comes around it means everyone is getting together and I know it makes me sound a bit lazy but it is so nice having everyone together so I don't have to drive a 100 mile round trip to see everyone! Where I'm not getting back home until the 27th this year (which makes me such a sad little bear, love from retail) I am kind of missing out on the actual Christmas but we shall be having a slightly delayed Christmas, but really I'm just excited that Christmas allows me to escape work and spend time with the people who mean the most to me!

All the Christmassy goodies the shops sell. Like all the Lush Christmassy bath bombs and the Yankee Candles and the beauty gift sets! I love them so much but then when it all goes away and you can't buy any of it any more I just think I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE! Haha. 

Christmas drinks! Starbucks and Costa and their beautifully festivey Christmas drinks! They are so yummy and I just want them to do them all year round! My favourite from Costa has to be the Black Forest Hot Chocolate as it is the perfect mix of fruity berries and creamy chocolate! However, just to throw a spanner in the works, if you have ever been to Giraffe, they do an AMAZING Christmas coffee, it's got butterscotch, cinnamon, and hazelnut in it I believe! But it is absolutely deeeelicious and it's like having all the flavours of Christmas rolled into one deliciously warming drink, yum (Here's a picture of our favourite barman Jack after preparing my yummy Christmas Coffee!)!

I'd love to know what your favourite things about Christmas are and if you share any of the same things as I do!

Philippa x

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