Thursday, 13 November 2014

Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Limited Edition 'Shupette' Range

So I was browsing the Selfridges website recently when I was looking for the Advent Calendar (sold out, boo!), and came across a Shu Uemura collection crossed with Karl Lagerfeld, or more importantly, his cat Choupette. They've aptly named the collection 'Shupette', combining the brand and the pussycat in the name.

 A) This cat probably/definitely gets pampered more than me, and B) She pretty much has a make-up line. She has her own Twitter, Instagram (definitely worth checking out if you're a cat fanatic like me, it's pawsome), Facebook and even a Wikipedia page! I love the power of cats! I picked up a few bits from the collection and thought I'd do a little review set for you all! But all in all, a little conclusion for you early, it is a purr-fect little collection, I promise I'm not kitten' (get it? Kitten'/kidding? *badum tsh*)

First of is something by Shu Uemura that I have wanted for at least a year or so, which is the eyelash curlers and obviously I had to pick these up, with a cute little stamp emblem attached to the of Choupette! I have not heard one bad review about these so knew they would be an essential purchase and to be quite honest, I'm not sure why I hadn't purchased these before! 

They came with a spare curling rubber which was a nice bonus and l must say these curlers work a treat! I used it before work today and got told how different my face/eye area looked (I also used the eyeliner pencils I shall talk about in a second). Anyway, as far as eyelash curlers go, they are easy to use and the handle and shape of the product makes it easier to get hold of even the leakiest of lash.

First of all I must say I was a little bit disappointed at the size of this, as I did think it was going to be a little bit bigger but the colours make up for it. The three colours are lovely, really smooth so apply and give a lovely shiny finish. I love that you get three very different colours in this palette. The first shade is a bright peachy-coral colour, which is perfect for adding a little brightness. The second is a dark plummy red, which I love and is perfect for A/W. The third shade is a dusky pink, which is a lovely subtle everyday colour, for work and such. I love the three shades and its a definite all seasons palette, bonus points! 

Where my lips are quite darkly coloured naturally, the colour payoff wasn't great on first application but as I layered it, it did get a lot better. Obviously the packaging is super cute, donning the sketch of Choupette herself.

The face mousse is something I wasn't 100% sure about when I read the description on the Selfridges website and to be honest I kind of only explored the range as it had cats on it, but I had been lusting after the eyelash curlers for about a year! Anyway back to the mouse, it was in shade peach (which confused me slightly as I didn't think it was coloured), so it was a very very light hue of peach when it moussed out of the bottle. It is sort of like an aerosol can, with a pressure to it I would give it a little shake before use. 

The thing that absolutely sold me was the smell. Oh my gosh it smells AMAZING! Like, toffee scented sort of? I just wanted to eat it, haha! So I rubbed the mousse in my fingers and applied it to my face. I did find it smoothed out my skin tone quite a lot to be honest, but my favourite was the feel of my skin when I put my foundation on. It was the smoothest my skin has ever felt, my foundation blended so well and just glided over my skin, it didn't attach itself to any dry patches I had before and didn't ignore my oily parts either. 

Lastly, but definitely not least is the eye pencil, which is adorned with cute little gold paw prints up the pencil itself, big tick in my book! Honestly the design of these products is beautiful and just purrfectly cute! 

Anyway, back to the pencil; it's a brown pencil with glitter flecks in it. It's great as it's not too glitzy but if it was layered on quite a lot would be a perfect party pencil. It's very smooth on application and I found I could blend it easily into my lid as well as the actual original line kept its colour well. 

So there's my little first look review of some of the Shupette collection, and I've got to say, after these initial purchases I think I will definitely be looking to buy some more of the limited edition collection! 

Philippa xx

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