Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Quarter-Life Crisis?

I read an article the other week from a very old Elle magazine and it made me think twice about what I'm doing with my life (kind of why I started this blog I guess). 

It basically went along the lines of enjoy your life when you're young and do what you want to do, don't settle down because you feel you need to sort of thing. Basically embrace life while your young and appreciate what you need to appreciate, I'll insert the clipping/quote here. 

This sort of kick started me into blogging I think! It's really interesting how one little quote can change your mindset or to get you motivated, but it is truth in that quote!

I enjoy writing, so I set up this blog. I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy make up, so I set up this blog.

I'm 22. I'm moved to Oxfordshire on my own, away from family and friends, for a job, a year ago today. I feel like I'm about 40. I feel my life hasn't peaked, and I've got so much of my youth left that I could do whatever I wanted, but it's never that easy. 

I'd love to move to London and write for a magazine but a) I don't have a degree and b) London is bloody expensive! I always put barriers in the way of doing what I want to do and I guess this blog is a release of the thing I would really love to do in life. Write. 

There's always going to be things in the way of doing what you want to do, but finding alternative paths is a way to do it. If you're following a route to what you want to do in life, and for some reason you take a wrong turn (a relationship gets in the way/you decide not to go to university), you're not going to get back to the pathway that easy, and you may have to find a completely different route to get to the end result.

Thinking I'm going to be 23 next year terrifies me, which, when I write it down and read it back, is absolutely ridiculous! I think I'm writing this post to try and tell myself to embrace the life I live! I enjoy what I'm doing at the moment, even though it isn't my dream job it's still great fun and the people I work with make it all worthwhile! :-)

I think this post was a sort of kick myself up the backside to stop being a negative nelly, so apologies if it seems a little depressing!

Philippa xx

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  1. Aw I think this is a good realisation though - it's never too late to do things you love, and most of the time you have to do stuff even when the barriers are there! London is expensive but you'll love it when you get here :) xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog