Friday, 7 November 2014

Put yourself in their shoes...

This phrase is the one phrase that more people need to think about. I don't know if it is because I tend to put other peoples' needs before my own, but I just feel that people are so selfish, and never think that something that benefits them, may benefit someone else more. It also works when someone treats you like poop  and then expect you to be fine with it.

For example, if someone wanted to swap a shift with me for prior arrangement, and I could swap, I would. Some people will just say no to be awkward, what's the point? One day when you need a shift swap, you won't get it back. I just hate it when people expect the world to be nice to them when they're not nice to the world. 

Does it make me too selfless to think that way? Am I too much about others than about myself? I don't know. But what I do know is that it doesn't take much to be a decent natured person. 

The best way to try to solve arguments it feel is to put yourself in their shoes. If that was you, how would you feel? Would that make you angry as well? 

Best example for this is relationships. One half does something wrong, and gets angry because the other half is angry. It's fair enough if they viewed it from their eyes. If they can't see this, they're an awful person and not worth being with. ;-P (this is probably why I've been single for a year...). 

I just feel sometimes people need to step out of their own shoes and put on someone else's. Doing something to help someone else out gives me so much positivity in knowing that I've helped them out, or they can go to the concert they've wanted to go to cause I've swapped a shift. Give someone a little lift and it will go a long way!



  1. Definitely agree, we shall think about others as if it was about ourselves and treat them the way we want to be treated. :)

    Mary Bloomy

  2. hey, just so you know I tagged you in the Liebster Award on my blog if you wanted to do it! xo