Saturday, 18 October 2014

The best things in life are free...

I feel like posting this entry due to the fact that whenever I am annoyed at life, or something gets me down I can look at this and think 'things aren't so bad, look at all these things I should be grateful for'. Money buys none of these things, and can still amount to more worth than what you can pay out for to give a temporary feeling of positivity. I myself am guilty of this. I will often go out and spunk a load of money on things I generally don't need to try and make myself feel better. Yeah, of course it works for a little while, but then you think 'why did I feel the need to buy *insert pointless item here*?!'. So, this post is to help distract from pointless spending, and to acknowledge all the things in life that can make us genuinely happy, without spending a penny! 
Probably the best thing in life that is free is happiness. You cannot put a price on it, which makes all the difference. There are many things that can cause happiness including some of the things I have listed below.
Love of yourself
Loving yourself brings so much confidence and so much self-esteem, I think it's the biggest thing for me. If I wake up in the morning, get ready and think I look good, it will change my mood for the whole day! If I wake up , try to get ready and think 'why do I look so awful today', my mood will follow with my opinion of myself. If you're feeling low on self esteem, think of all the good things about yourself! It doesn't have to be looks related either. When I think about all the things I have achieved by myself over the past year, I feel really proud of myself! Get your family, partner, and pals to give you a list of all the things they love about you, and look through them whenever you're feeling a bit down. These people love you, you need to love you too!
You will never be able to put a price on family, (apart from ferry tickets in my case, when my direct family are still on the Isle of Wight and are miles from me) they're obviously something that you can't pay for, or demand. I feel love from my family whenever I speak to them or see them, and it will always put a smile on my face. Where I'd be without them I have no idea. Even just thinking about them puts a smile on my face, or whenever I drive off the ferry towards home I can never shake the smile off my face! If ever I'm feeling down, I give them a ring and it makes me feel instantly better, with no price to pay, because minutes are included in my phone contact (tried to do a funny, sorry not sorry!)!
Self-explanatory really. I have some great pals that can either tell me to stop being overdramatic or give me great advice, both of which really work for me. I don't have loads and loads of friends but the ones I do have I treasure lots, they know exactly what to do or say to make things better, hurray for people who know what to say and do to put a smile back on my face!
Achieving goals
Having a goal that you want to reach and then actually reaching it is one of the best feelings ever! Losing that last pesky pound, getting that promotion at work, achieving a grade of some coursework, the list goes on. That tasks that you've put a huge amount of work and commitment into and you finally get it! This followed by a well deserved glass of wine is just perfect!
& All the silly things in life!
You can't put a price on silly things that lead to happiness. Things like googling celebrities with no make up make me happy, is that sadistic?! Silly things you remember, little codewords for inside jokes, it's the little things in life that can have the biggest impact!

Just remember, be grateful for all you have, there's always someone that would love to have the life that you lead. It doesn't take a million bucks to live a fulfilling life!
Tah-rah for now!
Philli x