Thursday, 16 October 2014

Moving away from home...

As you can tell by the title of this post, it's all about moving out of your family home for the first time. My first time moving out did not go swimmingly really. I first moved out almost two years ago, with my boyfriend of the time and his two workmates. This was probably the worst idea I ever had. Obviously, the only thing on my mind was 'I want to move in with my boyfriend' and my mind went with that.
We moved into a place in Southsea in Portsmouth, baring in mind I was working on the Isle of Wight, which is a pricey ferry journey when it adds up! Little did I think of what strain this cost would put on me. The rent was split between all four of us but when adding a couple of hundred pounds on top of my outgoings, my monthly disposable income came down dramatically.
Not only was the cost an issue, personality clashing was also a struggle. I'm not the most sociable of people, and clashing with personalities that were quite outgoing was not good for me, and caused me quite a bit of unhappiness, let alone having to clean up after other peoples' mess! Due to these issues, I ended up spending a lot of time at home rather than at the flat, yet I was still having to pay rent (messy story).
So after moving out of there, for some reason, I decided to just move in with my boyfriend of the time, which meant an even bigger strain on my finances, as well as our relationship. I'd say the biggest piece of advice I would give is make sure you are prepared. Look at all the costs, make sure you have back up finances you can use if you need to and don't just move in because you feel you need to.
During living at the second place, I managed to bag my job in Oxfordshire, so moved up into a flat share for six months to find my feet. Not only is this a cheaper alternative than trying to find a flat by yourself, it gives you a friend, which really helped me moving so far away from home. During living here I met some great pals at work and moved in with one of them and that's the journey so far! 
Finding my own feet and not feeling like I had to follow the other feet in my world at the time is the best thing I've done. Always trust your gut instinct and don't make rash decisions, especially in terms of living arrangements as you could end up in troublesome situations, and relationships that were going well can take a turn for the worse.
That was lengthy! Just getting myself in a blogging bubble at the moment I think! ☺
Tah-rah for now!
Philli x

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