Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Feeling cheeky...?

So, this has probably been mentioned on a gazillion blogs already, but I cannot help but add to the list! The Christmas Sweet Shoppe range by Benefit is absolutely lovely, and I am hoping to add all the sets to my collection!

So when I was back at home for a few days, I popped into my local Boots and bumped into my lovely friend Rachel who works on the Benefit Cosmetics counter! Now, whenever I go in, I'll always go and say hello (and usually always go out with something), and this occasion was no different. Now I already own Benefit's Sugarbomb blusher, and I was saying to Rach how I really wanted to try Hoola and Coralista. She then directed me Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot and I instantly fell in love!

I mean, look! Look how beautiful it is! With the vintage vibe still going strong, this beautiful gift set (to myself...) is perfect for the people who love a bit of cheek (get it?!). The 6 powder set, also comes with a brush and Watt's Up, which is a lovely cream highlight. It is displayed in a beautifully decorated tin box, with a lovely festive theme; with candy-cane accents it is just sickly sweet! I love!

I know I am the naughtiest blogger by using the products before taking a photograph but I could not keep my hands away! The products I was most excited to try were Hoola, which is the bronzing powder, and Coralista, the one to the right of Hoola in the picture. Here's a question, is it just me or does Coralista smell utterly edible?! It just smells fantastic! All the blushes in this set, I would say, would suit all skin types, which Benefit Cosmetics are pretty relate-able for. Bella bamba, the top middle product, is probably my unexpected favourite from the set as it gives a beautiful natural flush to the cheeks, like the wind has just nipped your face.

All in all, this is a perfect package of all Benefit's beautiful blushes, and is an amazingly bargainous (new word alert) price, at just £29.50 (it's worth £69.54 if all bought separately)! I would thoroughly advise you getting this as a gift for someone, as I know if I had not already bought it for myself, I would love to receive it as a gift. Or if you want it for yourself, get yourself a little gift for all your hard work this year, I'm sure you are more than deserving of this delicious little set?

What is your favourite set from Benefit Sweet Shoppe range? What should I put on my Christmas list to Santa?

Philippa xx


Friday, 24 October 2014

'Your skin looks flawless!' - My drugstore secret!

Oh hi pals!

I've recently rediscovered one of my favourite foundations, and I cannot rave enough about it. My colleagues at work, friends, and even customers have mentioned how flawless my skin looked and what I have on it! It is an amazing product and is such a bargain that whenever I run out, I will always buy it again. 

Rimmel Match Perfection is my absolute favourite foundation ever! It has such a lovely finish, I only need one pump for my face and I just apply it with my fingers. I usually apply a brush of Mac Studio Fix Powder afterwards, just on my shiny area such as my chin, forehead and nose, but apart from thst, that's it! 

I've tried high end foundations such as Estée Lauder, Benefit, YSL and pretty much all the MAC foundations going but nothing has given me the coverage and finish that I craved! 
Rimmel have always been a favourite brand of mine, with the Wake Me up foundation and concealer being my go to summer must haves, but for the colder months I prefer and less dewy finish and a more matte look to my skin. I have never got so many compliments on my skin since using this foundation!

It gives me a big confidence boost and most of the time I've had it on all day and someone mentions it! It's a great long lasting foundation and I will never look back! I just hope they don't discontinue it as I would be absolutely gutted!

Have any of you tried this foundation? What's your favourite drugstore foundation?

Philippa x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

I've been nominated! Liebster Award and One Lovely Blog Award Post.

Oh hi pals!

I have been nominated by the lovely Alex, at The Happy Blog for the One Lovely Blog Award, and nominated by the sweetie Ell, at Everything Ell, and the gorgeous Megan, at Megan Does Beauty for the Liebster Award. Go follow them!

Seven facts about me!

1. I have the weirdest music taste. I love everything from One Direction and Katy Perry, to The Beatles and Metallica!
2. I used to play the flute and got up to Grade 4, before I got braces and could not play anymore.
3. I have a bit of an irrational fear of peanut butter after an incident where I basically got force fed a peanut butter sandwich!
4. I also hate many parts of the human body, such as feet and toes, belly buttons, and ears.
5. I have one sibling, an older brother.
6. I love reading, my favourite author is Stephen King.
7. I used to collect TY Beanie Babies as a child, and all 200+ of them are still in my parents attic (they'll be worth something someday, they said)!

Megan's Questions

1) What inspired you to start your blog?
I really enjoy writing! I used to love it at school and used to just make any excuse to do a piece of writing work so it all just started there really!

2) What 3 cosmetic products could you not live without?
Lipstick, as it is one essential that I always have to have on me! Guerlain Maxi Lash, as my eyes look naked without it, and my HD Brows pallette, as I have recently discovered the joys of having great eyebrows!

3) What are the first 3 things you do when you wake up?
Put my alarm back on snooze, if I have time, brush my teeth and have a big mug of water, as I get super dehydrated overnight!

4)  What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
My dinner at work, which was chicken nuggets and chips! I'm a child at heart ;-)

5)  What is the most under rated beauty brand and why?
Oooh, this is a tricky one! Erm, probably eyebrow powders, as they give great lasting power and they look a lot more natural than pencil!

6) What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who make me late for things! Like when they say 'I'm ready', or 'I'll be five minutes' and you end up waiting an extra half an hour, haha!

7)  One piece of blogging advice for your new fellow bloggers
Probably just be yourself! I always think it's better to be honest and write whatever you want!

8) What is your signature make up look?
Usually just a smudge of All That Glitters on my lid, a coral blush, bronzer and a nudey pink lip.

9) What is your latest cosmetic product craze?
EYEBROW PRODUCTS! Hahah literally cannot get enough of 'em!

10) How are you finding your new blogging lifestyle?
I'll be honest, I am finding it difficult whilst working too much! But I'm trying to write lots of blogposts at once to schedule them, I've got about ten waiting on my notes on my iPhone!

11) What is your best style/beauty/fashion tip?
Never underestimate the power of lipstick!

Ell's Questions

Favourite beauty related product?
Lipstick, it can make an outfit or look complete!

Favourite scents?
I love sweet scents with vanilla undertones, and spicy cinnamon-y scents also!

Favourite food and drink?
Difficult! Favourite food would probably be my mum's homemade beef stew with dumplings! And favourite drink would have to be tea!

Do you have a favourite youtuber/blogger if so who is it?
Oooh I don't know! I'm a big fan of Sammi at Beauty Crush as I think her style is amazing, and I also love Becky at milkbubbletea as I am uber jealous of her home, it's beautiful!

What is your favourite high street store to shop in?
I know it's not really a high street shop but I love F&F at Tesco!

Do you have any pets?
So, I have two cats at home on the Isle of Wight who I miss everyday! Their names are Moby and Wilson. Where I currently live my house-mate has a dog called Louie, he's a sweetie!

What is your favourite place in the world? and why?
The Isle of Wight, as it is the most relaxing place ever, plus my family and cats are there.

Who do you look up to or see as your role model and why?
Any successful and powerful women. It's so nice to see women knowing their place in the world is above expectations!

If you could watch one programme for the rest of your life what would it be?
Oh gosh, probably Kardashians! Is that bad?!

Do you have any special talents?
Not really, haha! I'm very boring and standard.

What is your favourite time of the year and why?
Probably Autumn as it is beautiful and it means I can start wearing my ear muffs!

I don't really know who to nominate in particular but if you read this post and you haven't done either tag, feel free! I'll leave some questions here also!

1. If you had to listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
2. If you could bring back one TV game show, which one would it be and why?
3. What is your favourite scent of shower gel?
4. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?
5. Can you speak any other languages than your first?
6. What three words would be used to describe you?
7. If you could tell your past self one thing, what would it be?
8. Marmite; love it or hate it?
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
10. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
11. What one thing would you love to own?

Tah-rah for now,

Philippa x

Monday, 20 October 2014

I've changed!

I am no longer Philli Fancies (that lasted long I know!), I am 'just philippa'. If you are already following me on Bloglovin please follow my new account! 😊😊

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Hummingbird Bakery, I salute you.

Today's blog post is my favourite recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery's publication called 'Home Sweet Home'. I absolutely adore this recipe book and have tried and tested pretty much every recipe in it, and I just wanted to share one of my all-time favourites with you! It's the recipe for Chocolate Truffle Cookies, they're a glorious and easy recipe that would be a great gifting idea over Christmas as you will see by the decoration!
So first of all, line a large baking tray with baking paper. If you don't have a large baking tray feel free to use two smaller ones! Then, in a large mixing bowl, sift 80g (3oz) of plain flour, 25g (1oz) of cocoa powder, and 1\2 TSP of baking powder. What I did was weight out the ingredients, put them all in a bowl and then sift them together, to get a better mix of the ingredients!

I then stirred in 90g (30 oz) of caster sugar, before cutting 25g (1oz) of unsalted butter into small cubes, and added these to rest of the mixture. I then blitzed this in the blender until the mixture was of a 'sandy' texture. You can also do this with your hands if you do not have a blender!

I then whisked together one egg and 10ml (1\2 fl oz) of amaretto. Obviously if you're liking the sound of the recipe and you are not a drinker please feel free to take the amaretto out of the recipe!
Pop this into the rest of the mixture, and mix until of a doughy consistency. Then, place the mixture into some cling film and into the fridge! I had no cling film so just kept in the bowl. Place this in the fridge for 30 to 40 minutes.

Now, turn your oven on to 180°c (350°f), Gas Mark 4. Let this heat up whilst you do the next part of the recipe. Place 50g (1 1\4 oz) of icing sugar into a bowl or dish, and mould your dough into walnut-sized pieces. As you mould your dough, coat it in icing sugar, then place them on the baking tray(s). I chose to keep them in ball form, however if you squash them flat a little, they will be flatter when you take them out of the oven.

Place these in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes, and allow to cool until you do anything else with them. I suggest putting them on a cooling tray, as keeping them on the baking tray will carry on heating them.

And voilà, there are your cookies! Whether they are for personal consumption or as a gift, you can choose to display them as you wish. What I like to do is get some cellophane bags and ribbon, and package them to gift to friends and family! A lovely, personal Christmas gift! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you would like to checkout further recipes, you can purchase the Home Sweet Home recipe book for only £5 on, absolute bargain!! 
Tah-rah for now! Philli x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The best things in life are free...

I feel like posting this entry due to the fact that whenever I am annoyed at life, or something gets me down I can look at this and think 'things aren't so bad, look at all these things I should be grateful for'. Money buys none of these things, and can still amount to more worth than what you can pay out for to give a temporary feeling of positivity. I myself am guilty of this. I will often go out and spunk a load of money on things I generally don't need to try and make myself feel better. Yeah, of course it works for a little while, but then you think 'why did I feel the need to buy *insert pointless item here*?!'. So, this post is to help distract from pointless spending, and to acknowledge all the things in life that can make us genuinely happy, without spending a penny! 
Probably the best thing in life that is free is happiness. You cannot put a price on it, which makes all the difference. There are many things that can cause happiness including some of the things I have listed below.
Love of yourself
Loving yourself brings so much confidence and so much self-esteem, I think it's the biggest thing for me. If I wake up in the morning, get ready and think I look good, it will change my mood for the whole day! If I wake up , try to get ready and think 'why do I look so awful today', my mood will follow with my opinion of myself. If you're feeling low on self esteem, think of all the good things about yourself! It doesn't have to be looks related either. When I think about all the things I have achieved by myself over the past year, I feel really proud of myself! Get your family, partner, and pals to give you a list of all the things they love about you, and look through them whenever you're feeling a bit down. These people love you, you need to love you too!
You will never be able to put a price on family, (apart from ferry tickets in my case, when my direct family are still on the Isle of Wight and are miles from me) they're obviously something that you can't pay for, or demand. I feel love from my family whenever I speak to them or see them, and it will always put a smile on my face. Where I'd be without them I have no idea. Even just thinking about them puts a smile on my face, or whenever I drive off the ferry towards home I can never shake the smile off my face! If ever I'm feeling down, I give them a ring and it makes me feel instantly better, with no price to pay, because minutes are included in my phone contact (tried to do a funny, sorry not sorry!)!
Self-explanatory really. I have some great pals that can either tell me to stop being overdramatic or give me great advice, both of which really work for me. I don't have loads and loads of friends but the ones I do have I treasure lots, they know exactly what to do or say to make things better, hurray for people who know what to say and do to put a smile back on my face!
Achieving goals
Having a goal that you want to reach and then actually reaching it is one of the best feelings ever! Losing that last pesky pound, getting that promotion at work, achieving a grade of some coursework, the list goes on. That tasks that you've put a huge amount of work and commitment into and you finally get it! This followed by a well deserved glass of wine is just perfect!
& All the silly things in life!
You can't put a price on silly things that lead to happiness. Things like googling celebrities with no make up make me happy, is that sadistic?! Silly things you remember, little codewords for inside jokes, it's the little things in life that can have the biggest impact!

Just remember, be grateful for all you have, there's always someone that would love to have the life that you lead. It doesn't take a million bucks to live a fulfilling life!
Tah-rah for now!
Philli x


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Moving away from home...

As you can tell by the title of this post, it's all about moving out of your family home for the first time. My first time moving out did not go swimmingly really. I first moved out almost two years ago, with my boyfriend of the time and his two workmates. This was probably the worst idea I ever had. Obviously, the only thing on my mind was 'I want to move in with my boyfriend' and my mind went with that.
We moved into a place in Southsea in Portsmouth, baring in mind I was working on the Isle of Wight, which is a pricey ferry journey when it adds up! Little did I think of what strain this cost would put on me. The rent was split between all four of us but when adding a couple of hundred pounds on top of my outgoings, my monthly disposable income came down dramatically.
Not only was the cost an issue, personality clashing was also a struggle. I'm not the most sociable of people, and clashing with personalities that were quite outgoing was not good for me, and caused me quite a bit of unhappiness, let alone having to clean up after other peoples' mess! Due to these issues, I ended up spending a lot of time at home rather than at the flat, yet I was still having to pay rent (messy story).
So after moving out of there, for some reason, I decided to just move in with my boyfriend of the time, which meant an even bigger strain on my finances, as well as our relationship. I'd say the biggest piece of advice I would give is make sure you are prepared. Look at all the costs, make sure you have back up finances you can use if you need to and don't just move in because you feel you need to.
During living at the second place, I managed to bag my job in Oxfordshire, so moved up into a flat share for six months to find my feet. Not only is this a cheaper alternative than trying to find a flat by yourself, it gives you a friend, which really helped me moving so far away from home. During living here I met some great pals at work and moved in with one of them and that's the journey so far! 
Finding my own feet and not feeling like I had to follow the other feet in my world at the time is the best thing I've done. Always trust your gut instinct and don't make rash decisions, especially in terms of living arrangements as you could end up in troublesome situations, and relationships that were going well can take a turn for the worse.
That was lengthy! Just getting myself in a blogging bubble at the moment I think! ☺
Tah-rah for now!
Philli x

Simple Halloween Make-Up Ideas!

Halloween is fast approaching, it's been in shops for the past month but we're getting closer! I've never gone overboard with Halloween as I don't really have the time for it, but I do enjoy dressing up for work and experimenting with my face. I've never been trick or treating either, so I'm making the most of it this year. I've decided to quickly pull up some simple Halloween looks for you to try at home. Honestly (as you can probably tell), they took me five to ten minutes maximum!

  The Cat

For this look, I didn't use a base, I just went straight into it! I used the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen, and the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Liner. It's a pretty self-explanatory look, it consists of an over-exaggerated eye-flick, with a flick in the corner down the nose also. Then fill in your nose, make a line down to your lip and if you are daring, fill in your top lip with the black. I used MAC Speed Dial for my bottom lip for a pop of pink. Then add some dots above your top lip and stretch out some whiskers over your face. You can go even more feline looking by adding some over the top eye brows with some flicks in them, and use a heavy contour on the face.

The Zombie
For the look, I used Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Ivory as the base. I then used my Sleek Contour Palette to contour my cheek hollows and my temples, and used the highlight shade to just on the height of my cheekbone. For the eyes, I used Nooner from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, all over the lid and under the eye. I then used MAC Cranberry eyeshadow to add a bit more bruising. For the gash on my forehead, I used Cranberry first, then used Nooner to define the round the outside to add shadow and then added a bit of MAC Riri-Woo lipstick to add a bit more depth. I also used Riri-Woo on the corner of my lip and smudged it out with my finger.

  The Spider-lady

As much as I hate spiders, I love this look! I did my normal base routine, then coated my top lids up to the brow bone with MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, I also took a little bit of this under my eye also. For my lips, I used MAC Riri-Woo. I then took my Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen, and drew on the details. To do this, I started with the straight lines, then added the curves in afterwards. I also drew on a couple of little creepy crawly spiders also!

I hope these are helpful and you enjoy them, let me know in the comments if you do, and also anything you may like to see me do in the future!

Tah-rah for now!

Philli x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

People Watching - My favourite past-time.

I think if someone was to ask me what hobbies I do, this is one I would not tend to admit to; people watching. I love a bit of minor-stalking (but not in the creepy 'I'm going to find where you live' stalking, just to clarify). There is nothing better than when you are waiting for the bus/train/etc, and having a little chuckle at everyday people, not in a mean way, just in a 'you're a very entertaining person and you don't even know it' way.

I recently had to work at a store in Reading during Reading Festival and oh my, people watching was on par that day! It's funny how when I'm the sober, non-smelly, non-festival goer how annoying these people are, and I pray that I are nothing like them (and hopefully half as smelly) when I myself go to a festival. The lowlight of the day had to be when I got thrown up on, at half two in the afternoon by a slightly over-drunken female. Not the best of situations.

I feel like I'm not the only person who is a people watcher person, as discussing with my pals we all seem to do the same. Working in retail is the perfect environment for a good ol' people watch. I love seeing elderly couples hold hands, it is probably my favourite thing to see! Or watching a baby in a trolley pick something up and in slow-motion you see it fall to the ground watching the tired parent face-palm as their little cherub not being so cherub-y.

What's been the best thing you've seen whilst people watching? Don't try to deny that you haven't done it yourself!

Tah-rah for now!

Philli x


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My First Blog Post

There are firsts for everything in life. First birthday, first steps, first relationship, first heartbreak, the list goes on. So why not add first blog post to that list?! I've had a blog before, but it was for a very shoddy A-Level Media Studies project that should never be uttered of again. So this is the first post of my new and improved (and hopefully not as shoddy as the first attempt) blog, welcome!

So where to begin? My name is Philippa, as you may have guessed, and I currently reside in Oxfordshire. I moved here almost a year ago now from my beautifully quaint little Isle of Wight, all by lonesome, for an exciting new job, which is so far the most daunting thing I have ever done...ever!

I think I'm doing this as I need a hobby. I used to absolutely adore writing little books when I was younger, and almost went to University to study English, until a boy got in the way (then proceeded to make the same mistake twice, well done Philippa).

But yes, back on topic, even though I have no idea on what topics I will be covering on here (a bit of everything). Welcome all wonderful people to the exciting (not really) world of me.

I'll get a few blog posts on the go but I shall leave you in lurch for now, aren't I a little bit evil? No? Didn't think so!

Tah-rah for now,